Creating a Fairy Garden

Creating a fairy garden can be a magical and wonderfilled experience for all involved.

Fairy gardens can range from a plant pot on a kitchen shelf, to a wine keg/bath tub container in the garden or a whole special section of a garden given over to the theme.

Fairy gardens can be a personal bit of fun that one has as they enjoy their plants, flowers and gardening.

They can also be a great ongoing project that anyone takes up for themselves or for their children or grandchildren.

Every day at the fairy shop we hear great stories as children and their special relative create a fairy garden and memories that will last forever!


Choose a place and then let your imagination go wild!

When you place fairies and mushrooms made by Fairies in your Garden, in our special garden we let the fairies know that this garden is "fairy friendly" that our garden is a safe place and that we welcome their visit. 

They only come out at night so look out for the mess that they leave after their gatherings and parties!

Plant them flowers and sweet smeling herbs. Share the joy of flower and vegetable gardening with your children every day as they play outside making and growing things for their fairy garden!!!

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