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 NEW OWNER JO BURFORD DECEMBER 2013                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         The Fairy Garden, Fairies in Your Garden is a small South Australian business driven by a dedicated and hard workers.  We all absolutely love what we do and delight in the end results we share with our customers.   We still hand make some of our retail products that are suitable for the garden - all the necessary items to establish your very own Fairy Garden! The business has stood the test of time, sharing almost two decades with Australian and Overseas Fairy and Garden lovers. 

Our Philosophy is to encourage children to use their imagination and to interact more frequently with nature. As avid nature lovers we understand the benefit of our children developing a sense of understanding and appreciation for the natural environment that surrounds them, after all this is where the fairies live!  We are very aware that by keeping our prices reasonable (meaning of course we will remain working class fairies) it does result in there being a lot more happier fairies and children out there. 

We offer beautiful Fairy statues - both large and small, magical mushrooms – all shapes, colours and sizes, fairy doors and windows and fairy dust – and lots of it. We also have a large range of dragons and other glorious garden creatures. 

We often hear from our young customers when we ask if they have fairies in their garden “no. . . but Grandma does”!  We also support a wonderful tradition of grandparents and grandchildren sharing, playing and growing together in their gardens and nature . . . just as I remember.  

What makes us so fabulous?

  • We are still willing to get our hands dirty and boy do we!
  • Reasonable Prices
  • Australian
  • Offering quality hand made goods
  • Specialists in Fairy Garden products
  • We support many worthwhile environmental and children’s charities , gratefully doing so
  • We always wish to keep our customers happy, and will do what we can to ensure this. 

Our Promise to you is simple, we will provide you with quality products, quality service and a great range of beautiful and wonderous products  all leading to a lifetime of memories...trust us, we know our fairies !

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